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2 Amazing Additional Features Of Home Security Alarm Systems

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Today’s home security alarm systems not only have incredible technology that allows them to protect your home like never before, but they also provide extra features that can also be used to protect your home and make things as simple as possible for you. This article will discuss 2 amazing additional features that come with many home security alarm systems.  Temperature And Water Sensors With added temperature and water sensors, home security alarm systems can protect your home from much more than just burglars. The temperature sensors will be located throughout your home and will be able to detect when your home gets cold enough to cause damage to your plumbing. Because the system knows at what temperature this happens, it will warn you before it reaches this point so that you can increase the heat in your home. The water sensors are going to be located in your basement and are going to be able to warn you if there is any basement flooding. This can save you thousands of dollars of damage because you can stop the leak as soon as it starts, rather than having you discover hours or days later when a great deal of damage has already taken place.  Remote Access  Another additional feature that comes along with some home security alarm systems is the ability that you have to control different aspects of the system from remote locations. You will be able to change the temperature in your home even when you aren’t home. This is great for saving money when you forget to turn your heat down or turn your air conditioner off before leaving the house. It is also an important part of preventing your pipes from freezing and cracking, which compliments the alarm that warns you when your home is too cold. You are also going to be able to lock your doors and windows from a remote location, if you forgot to lock them before you left the house. If you have someone who is coming over to your home and needs to get in, then you can also disable the alarm while they are there and enable it once again after they have left. Being able to control all of these different aspects of your home’s security system, even when you aren’t home, makes protecting and caring for your home so much easier for you and also helps to give you more peace of...

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4 Different Options When Looking For A Camera System To Add Security To Your Home

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Home security has changed a lot in recent years, and it is more affordable than ever to add surveillance to your home. Adding cameras can be a good way to deter criminals and have video evidence when something does happen on your property. There are also many different choices for cameras that can be connected to your home security system. Some of the choices that you may want to consider to give your home security surveillance are: 1. Simple IP Webcams That Can Be Connected To Your Home Network One of the simplest solutions you can do to add a security system to your home is use IP web cameras. There are many available today, which can be used for anything from baby monitors to web-based security cameras. Most feature mobile software for viewing from your phone or tablet, as well as alarm connections for features like motion detection and automated recording. You may also want to get one that has PTZ features, which allow you to move the camera around for different views. 2. IP Camera Systems With A DVR That Is Connected To A Network IP cameras are a type of security camera that connect to your home network through an Ethernet cable. This can give you many advantages, such as being able to easily setup access on a home network for access with any device that has internet access. They can also give you the option to use POE switches, which will allow you to use one cable for power and for data transfer. 3. Analog Camera Systems That Use AV Wiring And Power Supply Analog cameras are more of a traditional type of system, which require AV wires and a low-voltage power supply. These can give you some advantages over the newer digital systems, such as being able to integrate existing cameras into a new system. These systems can also be more affordable, which may be a good choice for your first surveillance system if you are just trying them. 4. Hybrid Camera Systems That Can Allow You Do Use Different Types Of Cameras The best solution for a new camera system is a hybrid system that can allow you to use both digital and analog cameras. These systems will give you the benefit of both systems and allow you to easily expand your camera system. It will also give you the option to install some of the latest high definition cameras for better video quality that can allow you to easily identify people and objects in your surveillance videos. Choosing the right camera system for your home can be a difficult choice, so you may want to have a hybrid system that gives you the option of old and new technology, as well as a price range that fits your budget. A security system installation service, such as Security By Private Eyes, can help you find the right system for your...

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4 Ways To Protect Your Home From Criminals

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You want to know you have taken steps to protect your home from burglars and other people who seek to victimize people or their property. There are 4 tips you can follow that will decrease your chances of you and/or your home from falling victim to the wrong person. This article will explain 4 tips to help you create a safer living environment for you and your family. Make it look like you’re home Burglars tend to prefer to go into empty homes so they can steal your items without a confrontation. Therefore, you want to make it look like you are home, even when you aren’t. Leave a few lights on in the house and maybe a TV on medium volume. Install outside lights with timers and set them to come on at dusk. If you are going on vacation, have your neighbors pick up your newspapers, or put a hold on the subscription so they don’t pile up. Make your home harder to get in If a burglar has their choice, they would prefer to go into homes that are easier to get into. Therefore, you should make sure all your outside doors are made of thick and strong material. All outside doors leading into the house should have deadbolts on them. If possible, security screens will add an extra barrier of protection. Add extra window locks that hand screw in place to all your windows and sliding glass doors. Put a stick in the inside space of your sliding glass doors that fits so the doors won’t open without removing the stick. Don’t tempt thieves Don’t give thieves any knowledge of what you own. Don’t throw away boxes from new electronics or other expensive items with your normal trash. Don’t leave your blinds open with expensive items in plain view. Don’t leave expensive tools or other items in the yard. Also, keep your garage door shut as much as possible. Get a security system A security system is a great way to deter thieves and other criminals. They know the house is protected and the police will be informed when they attempt to enter the home. Also, installing security cameras will let them know they can be identified. Many security systems will also allow you to monitor your home while you are away. You’ll also feel better knowing the alarm company will alert the police if your home is broken into while you are away. To learn more, contact an alarm system company like Atlas Alarm...

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Three Pitfalls To Avoid When You’re Setting Up A Commercial Fire Alarm System In An Older Building

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Having a good fire alarm system in your commercial building is both required by law and essential if you want to minimize the amount of damage that an accidental fire causes. If your building is very old and you need to replace an aging fire alarm system with a new one, you’ll have to make many choices. When you’re deciding on the specifics of the new commercial fire alarm system in your old building, make sure that you avoid these three pitfalls. Installing Too Many Wires In A Wall That’s Vulnerable To Bugs No matter what you do, some of the walls in the interior of your old building are going to be particularly vulnerable to bugs. No matter how many hole patching jobs you start and roach hotels you lay, the only way to prevent some bugs from getting through obscure cracks in your building’s interior walls is by tearing the whole thing down.  To mitigate the bug problem that your fire alarm system has to deal with, try to minimize the amount of wires you put in particularly vulnerable walls. With the assessment of a veteran exterminator, you’ll be able to determine which of your walls are the least vulnerable to bugs and put the bulk of your wires in safe passages. If you must put a large amount of wires in a vulnerable place, encase them in thick plastic coverings for extra protection.  Setting Up A Fire Alarm In A Section Of A Room That No One Walks Through You should make it as easy as possible to access the fire alarms you install. Luckily, since your building is old, you should be able to determine which sections of it are more frequently traversed than others. Don’t think that your hands are tied because of fire code regulations just because you’re required to put an alarm in a specific room. Often, placing an alarm in the part of the room that more people walk through than any other is key for minimizing the delay between a fire starting and someone pulling an alarm. For further assistance, contact professionals, such as those from Southern Maine Cabling. Not Putting Enough Emphasis On Sprinklers Relative to the other components in your fire alarm system, sprinklers are both cheap and effective at what they do. Even better, more sprinklers often means that you’re not required to install as many wires or alarms in certain areas of your building. The main downside to sprinklers is that they have a tendency to completely wreck pristine computer equipment. But as long as your fire alarm system is intelligently designed and your alarms are up-to-date, you shouldn’t have to deal with broken computers unless a major fire makes a sprinkler response absolutely...

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Understanding The Reasons For Fire Safety Inspections And The Part You Play

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The purpose of fire alarm and sprinkler system inspections in offices, commercial businesses, and apartment buildings is to make certain that existing and newly installed fire protection systems (including fire alarms and sprinkler systems) meet current federal, state, and local fire code requirements and regulations. Fire inspections of buildings also help identify other potential fire and safety hazards. The frequency and level of fire alarm inspections vary depending on the type of occupancy and the code requirements of individual states and local jurisdictions. However, if you own a small business or apartment building, the inspection process can go more smoothly if you know what to expect and what steps you can take to help ensure a positive outcome. Fire safety inspections help: Make certain a building complies with current local and state code standards and requirements Guarantee a safer environment for individuals living, working, or visiting inside the building Reduce a building owner’s hazard insurance premiums by reducing the risk of fire Although the job of a fire inspector is to assess potential risks, you are responsible for doing your part to keep the occupants of the building safe from harm. Before the fire inspector visits, check to see that: All exit doors in the building are accessible Fire doors in stairways and corridors have been properly installed and meet minimum construction requirements There is nothing blocking exits or fire doors No combustible materials are stored near exits Any single-station smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, exit signs, and emergency lighting are properly maintained and in working order All combustible materials and flammable liquids are stored in approved containers away from heat or flame-producing equipment or appliances The building’s address is clearly visible from the street so emergency responders can get there quicker Entry to the building is not restricted, so that firefighters have immediate access (example: lock box with building keys inside mounted on the outside of the building) Fire hydrants on the property are not blocked by vegetation, fences, or other structures There is clear access to the building’s main electrical panel, and all circuits in the panel are correctly labeled By identifying and correcting potential fire hazards present in the building before the fire inspector arrives, you can keep the building’s occupants safe and perhaps avoid being issued costly fines. Even after the inspector arrives, there are things you can do to show that you are concerned about keeping your building safe and up to code. At the time of the fire inspection: Be available to accompany the fire inspector on his or her walk-through inspection of the building Provide the fire inspector with copies of previous fire system or equipment inspection and maintenance reports Point out issues noted on prior reports that you’ve since corrected Ask questions about any issues you do not fully understand Get the time frame for any corrections you need to make to comply with updated codes, standards, or local safety ordinances Schedule followup inspection dates if there are compliance issues you must...

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Features To Look For When Buying Outdoor Security Cameras

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If you want to enhance your home’s security, you should think about installing security cameras. The cameras are a deterrent to crime because intruders don’t want to be caught on camera when they’re breaking into your home. If a brazen intruder does try to break in your house or vandalize your property, you’ll have pictures to hand over to police. There are several types of security cameras on the market, so you need to compare features before you buy. Here’s what to look for. Motion-Detecting Cameras If you don’t want your camera to record all the time, then you can buy a motion-detecting camera that begins recording when someone walks into view. If you’re trying to catch someone that’s trespassing or snooping around your property, one of these cameras might be the best choice. That way, you won’t have to sit through hours of footage every day to see if you can spot the intruder. Remote-Controlled Cameras For the best protection, you want cameras to record along each side of your home. You can do that by installing fixed cameras on each corner. You could install a dome camera instead that rotates inside a dome and gives you a wider view of your property. Some cameras can be controlled remotely. You use keys on your computer to adjust the direction of your view. This feature is handy if you will be monitoring your cameras in real time. Wireless Connections You can connect your security cameras to the wiring in your home or you can install a wireless system. Wireless cameras are much easier to install, and less disruptive to your home. If you want a hard wired security system, you’ll need to connect the camera to an electrical outlet and a cable that goes to the camera’s monitor. If you choose wireless cameras, all the installer has to do is attach the cameras to the roof or outer wall. The images are sent to the monitor over WiFi rather than a cable. You can power wireless cameras by battery or by plugging them into electrical outlets. One advantage of a wireless camera that runs on batteries is you can place it on an outbuilding or garage where there is no power source present. Cameras With Night Vision You’ll want cameras that give clear pictures in all levels of light. Be sure the cameras you choose have infrared capability if you want them to work in total darkness. Even if you keep your home’s exterior lit with security lights, it’s still a good idea to invest in night vision cameras for times when the power is out or a security light fails. Cameras With Durable Housing You can buy security cameras for indoor use that work the same way, but you don’t want to install them outdoors. Outdoor cameras are housed in durable frames that protect the cameras from rain, bugs, and flying debris. Some of the camera covers are so strong they will continue to protect the camera even if an intruder hits it with an object. You can also buy houses with heaters that keep your camera functional in freezing weather. Installing outdoor cameras will give you peace of mind knowing your home is more secure when you’re away or sleeping at night. Be sure to mount the...

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Exploring The Benefits Of A Monitored Fire Alarm System

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It is common knowledge that all homes should have functional smoke detectors installed on every level of the home. However, many people fail to recognize the benefits of taking this need for fire detection to the next level by installing a monitored fire alarm system. Below you will learn more about the benefits that these monitored systems have to offer so that you can determine for yourself whether or not installing a fire alarm system is the right choice for you and your home. Benefit #1: Enjoy Faster Response Times From Authorities In the event of a house fire, it is important that the local fire department is contacted as quickly as possible so that the blaze can be controlled before it causes maximum damage. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to do when your primary focus needs to be on ensuring both you and your family get out of the house safely before stopping to contact the fire department. With the use of a monitored fire alarm system, you will be able to ensure a much faster response time because the company monitoring your system will automatically notify the fire department for you rather than waiting until you are able to make this call yourself. This means that while you focus on getting yourself to safety, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that help is already on the way. Benefit #2: Enjoy Lower Insurance Rates Thanks to the faster response times provided by a monitored fire alarm system, homeowners who choose to install these systems will often experience minimal losses as a result of a house fire. This means the need to file a much smaller claim against their homeowners insurance. Since insurance companies are in the business of trying to minimize claims in order to maximize profits, any steps that you take to help make their job easier will often be rewarded with lower monthly insurance premiums. The installation of a monitored fire alarm system is a perfect example of a step you can take to help minimize your risk of filing a claim and therefore reduce the cost of your insurance premiums each month. In order to receive a discount on your insurance policy, you should be prepared to provide proof that your fire alarm system is being actively monitored by a reputable company. This documentation may need to be updated each year when you renew your policy in order to qualify for a continuing discount. For more information about fire alarm systems, contact a company like Eastern Fire...

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New Technologies That Can Extinguish Car Fires In Under A Minute

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The problem with fires is that they spread quickly and cause a lot of damage for every second that they’re allowed to continue without being extinguished. Due to the particular danger that fires pose in cars because of the gasoline tanks, speed is even more important in this situation. If you’re looking for ways to put out fires in cars as quickly as possible as part of your job in a field like security or the fire department, there are some new technologies out there that can put out fires faster than you might imagine possible. High-Mobility Fire Apparatus Inspired by Rockets One method for fighting fires very quickly comes from a company that develops rockets for NASA. But instead of spewing out a lot of fire, this technology can completely extinguish a raging car fire in under 18 seconds. The gadget is called the UHP, or “Ultra High Pressure” fire apparatus. Instead of shooting out a traditional high-pressure stream of water, this device fires a tornado of tiny water droplets. The idea behind this approach is expanding the surface area that the droplets can hit by 4 times over a traditional fire hose. This makes this fire hose far more efficient than its forebears. It can shoot out 20 gallons of water per minute at a rate of 1400 pounds per square inch. It took a little over 17 seconds to put out a fire that took a standard fire hose nearly 2 minutes to extinguish on its own. New Fire Grenades Another approach that might seem counter-intuitive for putting out car fires is something called a fire grenade. These are basically fire extinguishers that you can throw. Their portability makes them ideal for dealing with fires such as in automobiles. These fire grenades are also designed to work in close quarters as well. The device can take a fire burning at 1000 degrees and bring it down to 300 degrees in under 10 seconds. These devices coupled with other approaches like traditional fire hoses can douse flames in cars in no time flat. There are various types of chemicals used in fire grenades, but one popular chemical is potassium carbonate, since this is a flame suppressant that cuts off the fire’s chemical process. Anyone interested in faster fire suppression from police officers to firefighters to security teams in commercial buildings will appreciate these new technologies. Some of them require some training for teams to learn how to use. But overall, the added difficulty of obtaining the technologies will be well worth the results of car fires that can be extinguished in under half a...

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Home Security Isn’t All About Catching Burglars – Four Other Practical Reasons To Get A Home Security System

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You might think that installing a home security system is something only those that are fearful of break-ins. If you live in a safe neighborhood or aren’t too concerned with home invasion or theft, you might not think that you are in need of a home security system. The thing is, security systems can offer an array of other features that might be beneficial for your home. Here are four practical reasons that might make you rethink your reluctance to install a security system. 1. Lower Your Insurance Costs Just because you aren’t concerned with theft or burglary doesn’t mean that your insurance isn’t. Insurance companies might offer a discount if you sign on with a security system and company. Having this set up will lower your insurance and you might end up saving money in the long run. 2. Run Your Home More Efficiently With new wireless technology, there’s an array of energy related items in your home that you can manage while you are away. Heat, air conditioning and lighting can all be managed remotely and augmented as necessary. If you or a family member left something on in the house, you can easily turn this off after-the-fact and save energy while you are away. 3. Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detection Home security systems can be set up to catch an array of different issues in your home. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can be installed separately, but if these are included in a home security system they will be updated and will never run out of batteries. These will be linked into a system that can send help right away, rather than an alarm that won’t do any good if you aren’t home to hear it. 4. Medical Emergencies Being able to immediately hit a button to send help for medical emergencies can be a lifesaver. If you or a family member has a medical emergency, you can contact help through your security system. If you have older individuals in your home or others that might be in need of emergency care, having a security system can keep calling for help at your fingertips. Advances in technology have made security systems do much more than just sound alarms and provide surveillance. There are plenty of other practical reasons installing a home security system (from outlets such as American Wireless Alarm Inc) can upgrade your home and make your life easier. The benefits of a modern security system make it worthwhile even if you aren’t worried about...

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Pre-Teen Come Home To An Empty House After School? Here’s How To Improve Safety

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As a parent, you probably do what you can to make the best possible decisions regarding your kids. Deciding to leave a pre-teen home alone while you’re still at work can be a tough decision, but it could be the best one for you and your family. Your pre-teen might feel too old to go to daycare and could be embarrassed about it, and child care costs could be putting a huge damper on your budget. Once you have decided that your pre-teen is responsible and old enough to stay home alone, you might decide that it’s the right choice for your household. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to be worried, however. Luckily, there are a few steps that you can take to improve safety. Set Strict Rules As you pre-teen is getting used to being home alone, it can be smart to put some strict rules in place. For example, you might request that your child not leave the house until you or an older sibling gets home, and you might state that no other kids are allowed to be in the home when you aren’t there. These rules can help keep your pre-teen safe and can allow him or her to get used to staying home alone without having to many too many decisions at first. Make a Daily Phone Call You might be worried about your child arriving at home alone, so ask that he or she calls you at the office or sends a text message upon walking through the door. This can provide you with peace of mind and will let you know that your son or daughter has arrived home safely. Ask for Help from Your Neighbors If you have neighbors who are home for most of the day, such as an elderly neighbor who is retired or a friend down the street who is a stay-at-home mom, you can ask for their help. Give them your contact information at work, and ask them to let you know if something seems amiss at your home. You can also let your child know that these people are good contacts in case something goes wrong while he or she is home alone. Install Home Security Equipment Installing home security equipment can provide peace of mind even when your child isn’t home alone, but it’s a great way to feel safe about your son or daughter being there without your help. Make sure that your child knows how to set and disable the alarm, and consider using a security monitoring service (such as Digital Security)that will be notified in the event of an emergency. Leaving your pre-teen home alone can be stressful and can leave you concerned. However, if you follow these steps, you can help improve safety while giving your child a little bit of...

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