Getting Extra Use From Security Cameras


Security cameras and surveillance systems are great ways to enhance security, keep an eye on what's happening in the area, and deter many thieves. There are many features within different camera system brandings, but there are other features that may not be prominently advertised. Here are a few additional things that security cameras can do for you, both for surveillance and a bit of fun. Get Better Quality With The Right Equipment

22 February 2017

2 Amazing Additional Features Of Home Security Alarm Systems


Today's home security alarm systems not only have incredible technology that allows them to protect your home like never before, but they also provide extra features that can also be used to protect your home and make things as simple as possible for you. This article will discuss 2 amazing additional features that come with many home security alarm systems.  Temperature And Water Sensors With added temperature and water sensors, home security alarm systems can protect your home from much more than just burglars.

25 October 2016

4 Different Options When Looking For A Camera System To Add Security To Your Home


Home security has changed a lot in recent years, and it is more affordable than ever to add surveillance to your home. Adding cameras can be a good way to deter criminals and have video evidence when something does happen on your property. There are also many different choices for cameras that can be connected to your home security system. Some of the choices that you may want to consider to give your home security surveillance are:

19 April 2016

4 Ways To Protect Your Home From Criminals


You want to know you have taken steps to protect your home from burglars and other people who seek to victimize people or their property. There are 4 tips you can follow that will decrease your chances of you and/or your home from falling victim to the wrong person. This article will explain 4 tips to help you create a safer living environment for you and your family. Make it look like you're home

25 August 2015

Three Pitfalls To Avoid When You're Setting Up A Commercial Fire Alarm System In An Older Building


Having a good fire alarm system in your commercial building is both required by law and essential if you want to minimize the amount of damage that an accidental fire causes. If your building is very old and you need to replace an aging fire alarm system with a new one, you'll have to make many choices. When you're deciding on the specifics of the new commercial fire alarm system in your old building, make sure that you avoid these three pitfalls.

21 July 2015

Understanding The Reasons For Fire Safety Inspections And The Part You Play


The purpose of fire alarm and sprinkler system inspections in offices, commercial businesses, and apartment buildings is to make certain that existing and newly installed fire protection systems (including fire alarms and sprinkler systems) meet current federal, state, and local fire code requirements and regulations. Fire inspections of buildings also help identify other potential fire and safety hazards. The frequency and level of fire alarm inspections vary depending on the type of occupancy and the code requirements of individual states and local jurisdictions.

6 June 2015

Features To Look For When Buying Outdoor Security Cameras


If you want to enhance your home's security, you should think about installing security cameras. The cameras are a deterrent to crime because intruders don't want to be caught on camera when they're breaking into your home. If a brazen intruder does try to break in your house or vandalize your property, you'll have pictures to hand over to police. There are several types of security cameras on the market, so you need to compare features before you buy.

22 May 2015