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DJ Website Designer I Build Websites for DJs, for just $699!

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Are YOU a DJ who needs to build a new website, rebuild your old website, or needs to hire a professional web designer? For just $699 I provide you with either a completely new website, or I will overhaul your existing site. I accept all major credit cards and payment plans are also available.

You already know that its crucial that search engine users can find your dj site easily in search engine results. Once they do find your dj site, it must present a professional image and allow the client to quickly contact you.

If You're a DJ You Need a Good DJ Website!

The 411 on website building is that I can help you. Not only do I have all inclusive web design packages starting at just $699, but I realize that many of my website visitors may want to "do it themselves" and are simply seeking information, guidance and resources. Not a problem. I offer all the information you need to build your own dj website, or have me build your dj website, plus I'll let you know of the best places to market and promote your dj website.


DJ Website DesignerIf YOU are interested in having me build a DJ website for you, I offer all inclusive web design packages that start at $699. Currently, my lead time is approximately 2-3 weeks. Plenty of info and details can be found here, but in summary here's how it works, (note: when I refer to "we" that means you and me, not "we" like I'm a giant company)...

  • DJ Discovery Process - We figure out the basics, (what you do, how you do it, where you do it at and what your strong points are for sales pitches).
  • DJ Style - We figure out what you like in terms of how to represent your DJ Company, (wedding focused, or general parties, or corporate gigs, or karaoke, family socials, formal events or ???).
  • DJ Market Analysis - We choose several "key phrases" you are trying to get found for. SEO is a pretty involved subject, so I won't try to explain too much, but this is where we figure out what you would like to show up on search engines for, then I perform analysis to see what the best key phrases are. It is also important for your site to show up for YOU. This is important because if a client trys to find you online, (common for any business driven by word of mouth), then you can be found.
  • DJ Site Topic - Search engines look for relevant sites. The sites I build are very on-topic, because they rank sites with a prominent focus on a given search term very high, while those sites built as a sort of "catch-all" with a shot-gun appraoch to key phrases will rank lower. When it comes to building websites, diversity is a bad thing. Therefore, it's important to zero in on a few select key phrases that are really important to you.
  • Example DJ Sites - Designing a website that is visually attractive and well laid out is no easy task. My big challenge is pleasing you, the website owner, more than the website visitor, (visitors are easy to please). So we can get started on a good note, you tell me if there are any designs you've seen that you like, (or elements of those site designs you like). I have plenty of websites I have built you can see for examples, plus 1,000's of templates you can see as well.
  • DJ Web Project Begins - When I start building your DJ website, I will know a great deal about what you do, how you do it and what you want in terms of the general style, theme or colors of your site, as well as your intended target audience and key phrases you want to be found for.
  • Pro DJ Web Design - Your site is designed, using your wants and desires as an outline. Since I'm trying to help you book more gigs, I will let my 10+ years of design experience lead the way and my emphasis will be on how clients see your site and whether search engines can find it relevant. All the ad copy and pages are created so that the entire site and each individual page is on-topic and based on key phrases clients might type into a search engine.
  • Best DJ Domain Name - If you have a domain already that fits your site topic great! We'll just use that, or if it does not fit your topic too well, I would use a new URL and then redirect the domain you have now to the new site. The URL I choose will be something that fits the topic of the site and works better for search relevance. Your old URL can remain on printed marketing materials, existing ads, etc.
  • Turn Key DJ Sites - What's included in my sites is pretty well outlined at this site, but in summary I include everything you need to get going for an entire year. The site layout, graphics, images, ad-copy, SEO and search submission, domain name, hosting (unless you already have or want your own host - recommended), a trial of DJIntelligence and plenty of advice on what to expect and how to promote your site. After the year is up, the only cost to you is renewing the URL (usually about $10) and hosting (less than $100 year). If you like DJIntelligence and decide to keep it after the 2 month trial that costs $100 per year.
  • DJ Site Promotion - After the site is built, optimized and crawled by search engines, you should advertise it online using "text links". Place your link at as many on-topic websites that you can find. For example, if you want your site to show up well for "karaoke dj", then you will want to try and get a text link on sites that show up well for that search term. Sometimes these links cost money and other times they don't. Also listing your dj website at the DJ Directories helps too, because they are recognized as an authority for search phrases including "dj". List your site at, and or other big sites that show up well for DJ related searches.
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