Own A Commercial Facility? 2 Reasons To Install A Cloud-Based Access Control System


Whether you own an apartment complex, office suite, warehouse, or medical facility, it is always important to maintain control of who is able to enter the building. Letting the wrong person in can be detrimental because there is so much that can take place if that happens. Right now, you may have a traditional system that consists of basic locks, keys, and fobs, but there is another option that might be an even better choice. Learn more about how you can benefit by installing a cloud-based access control system at your commercial facility today.

Help Authorized Users In A Hurry

If you've ever found yourself locked out of a building that you had every right to be in, you likely remember the frustration you felt. Maybe you mistakenly locked yourself out of your apartment on a busy morning or left your work-access key at home simply because you forgot it. These can be very anxiety-ridden situations because when you need to get work done or get into the house quickly, there is no time to waste. The locksmith may not arrive right away, and trying to prove your right to be there to someone who isn't familiar with you can turn out to be futile.

Putting in a cloud-based access control system makes these kinds of scenarios so much easier to navigate. You can assign yourself or another manager in the facility as the administrator and put a phone number directly on the lockbox for everyone to see. If anyone is locked out or a delivery needs to be made by authorized personnel, the individual can either call the number that is listed or press a button that streams directly to your mobile device. You're then able to verify their identity and get them inside without the long wait.

Update Access Status With The Push Of A Button

If your commercial facility happens to be located far away from where you are, it can be a pain trying to keep up with the access levels. Trying to change locks each time a tenant moves out or an employee moves on is time-consuming and expensive. It's much more economically sound to have a web-based system. You're free to update codes from wherever you are in a matter of minutes!

Cloud-based access control systems are designed to keep you on the cutting edge of technology. Reach out to a security systems center in the area to have yours installed today. 


2 December 2022

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