Types Of Home Security Cameras


After investing in your dream house, you need to protect it at all costs. Remember that attractive homes may lure burglars who may access your property, steal valuable belongings, or even destroy your property. In return, you may encounter emotional and financial stress. That's why you need an effective security solution such as installing security camera systems. However, security cameras come in various designs that suit different security needs, and you need to know the available options. Here are the various types of home security camera systems you should consider.

Indoor Security Camera Systems

These security cameras are for the indoors and are usually dome cameras that can cover large areas. You can also choose fixed lens cameras that focus on a given area. The cameras come in two types:

  • Wired cameras. Professionals install wired cameras on ceilings or walls and plug them into a power source.

  • Wireless cameras. These cameras connect to a Wi-Fi network and store the video in cloud storage, though the cameras must still connect to a power outlet.

Outdoor Security Cameras

These security cameras are weather-resistant as they have enclosures that protect the cameras against weather elements such as direct sunlight and rain. The cameras give a wide view of your home's outdoors, and you can see specific areas depending on where you install the outdoor security camera systems. The outdoor cameras include the following:

  • Wired outdoor camera systems. Security camera installation experts usually wire these cameras to a primary recording device. The cameras are usually long and cylindrical, and you can mount them on walls and ceilings without plugging them into an outlet.

  • Wireless outdoor camera systems. Professionals usually mount the security cameras to a wall or mounting in the ideal spot. The cameras may come with a siren or spotlight to distract intruders. Additionally, these cameras have a wider area of view and cover larger areas than wired bullet camera systems.

  • Wire-free outdoor camera systems. These cameras operate on batteries and mainly rechargeable batteries. These cameras record upon motion detection, and the installation is straightforward. Additionally, these security camera systems have the same features as wireless security cameras, but the recording isn't continuous due to power limitations. However, you can connect the cameras to a solar panel as a backup to ensure that your batteries have charge throughout.

The main types of security cameras are indoor and outdoor cameras. Consider these options if you want an effective security solution for your home.


15 July 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Security Systems

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