Monitor Your Property With Closed-Circuit Television


CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras have been a staple of residential and commercial security systems for decades now, and they just keep getting better. Modern CCTV cameras are easy to install and work with any home computer or smart home hub. If you are getting ready to install your own home security system, you have a lot of options, including internet-connected cameras, doorbell cameras, and other high-tech devices. But what keeps people coming back to CCTV instead? Here are three reasons to monitor your property with a closed-circuit television system.

Unrivaled Monitoring

CCTV systems have improved as steadily as phone cameras. Modern CCTV cameras can capture high-definition video footage in all kinds of lighting, and they offer perks that other camera systems don't. Since CCTV cameras transmit their data via cables instead of the internet, their data is available practically immediately, no matter the circumstances. They don't rely on easily disruptable internet connections to function well, for instance. Since they can transmit large amounts of data very quickly, they typically take better-quality video footage than most security cameras. With a CCTV system, you never have to worry about external factors like a bad internet connection or bad weather interrupting your view of everything happening around your property.

Legal Evidence

High-quality data that is instantly saved to a secure hard drive is valuable in a court setting. If someone causes trouble on your property by breaking and entering, stealing valuables, or harming another person, you need to focus on keeping everything and everyone safe. If you also task yourself with getting video evidence of the encounter, you may become injured.

Not just any camera will do when you need to get legal evidence against someone. You need to be able to see faces clearly in the footage. Part of achieving this is placing your cameras carefully with the help of a security professional, but you also need cameras that transmit high-quality data to a secure location immediately to ensure you capture every bit of evidence. A destroyed camera that doesn't transmit data immediately could lose valuable data, but a CCTV camera never will.

Data Privacy

Many modern home or business security cameras have a significant security flaw: they connect to the internet. A skilled criminal could use that connection to hack into each camera, disrupting the video feed and removing old data. If you value data privacy and your cameras are collecting footage of you going about your life or work at all times, you need to protect your data. CCTV cameras don't hold onto their data. Instead, they transmit every video frame to a secure computer immediately. With all of your data in one secure place, you can rest assured that your privacy will be protected.

For more information about closed circuit televisions, contact a local security company such as Videotec Corporation.


7 August 2020

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