4 Tips For Keeping Your Family Home Secure This Summer


Summer is a time when you need to be more vigilant about security around your home. People tend to get relaxed in the summer, leaving the doors unlocked and not being as vigilant about security. More individuals and family go on vacation and leave their home unattended, leaving their homes vulnerable.

#1. Install an Alarm System

Start out by installing an alarm system. An alarm system is one of the most basic yet most important ways you can protect your home. Engage your entire alarm system whenever you are away from home.

Even when you are at home, you can use your alarm system. You can engage certain doors or windows that you would not normally go in or out of to monitor who comes and leaves your home.

Everyone in your home should have the security code memorized. Don't have the security code posted next to the alarm pad, as this could give anyone easy to access to your home.

#2. Set Up Remote Monitoring

With modern security alarms, you don't need to rely on the security company to call and tell you that the alarm is going off. You can receive alerts and monitor the security of your home remotely from your phone. This allows you to feel confident about the security of your home no matter where you are this summer.

#3. Automate Additional Systems

Next, you can automate more than your security system. You can set up automatic lights.  You can remotely control your thermostat. You can monitor all sensors, such as flood sensors or a carbon monoxide monitor. You can automate control of your garage door. The more automation you can set up, the greater control you will have over your home no matter where you are.

#4. Be Cautious with Social Media

It is easy to share your life on social media. When you are going out of town, you need to change up your social media strategy. Don't post that you are going out of town; that is pretty much an advertisement that your home may be unoccupied during that time period. Either keep your accounts on private or wait to share about your vacation until you get home. Don't advertise your whereabouts. It's better to post after the event than during the event.

Keep your home secure this summer with an alarm system that includes remote monitoring and connects with your other home automation devices. At the same time, be careful what you share on social media, and do your best to not advertise when you are out of town. Contact a company like Sonitrol Security Systems for more information. 


29 March 2019

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