Residential Security Tips To Keep Your Family Safe At Home In An Increasingly Frightening World


Residential home security is something that most families once took for granted. In fact, it is not uncommon for older generations to recall the days when they could go to work or leave for vacation without even bothering to lock their doors. But as populations grow and societal problems like drug abuse become more prevalent, even areas that were once considered the safest can be subject to a growing risk of vandalism, burglaries, and home invasions. If you are increasingly upset by the headlines in your area regarding criminal activity and want to provide a safer living experience for your family, the following suggestions are a good place to begin. 

Look at your property with the mindset of a criminal

The first step in making any home safer for the people who live there is to examine it from the perspective of someone who might be looking for a place to commit a crime. Since this type of person will want to be able to carry out their goal without being discovered, it makes sense that the homes they choose to target will likely have: 

  • features that will help them hide, such as landscaping or outbuildings they can duck behind
  • little light to expose them to anyone passing by
  • exposed valuables that draw their attention

While some types of crime, such as home invasions, may be more directed toward the occupants of the home than their possessions, taking steps to determine what potential factors your home has that could aid criminal activity is the first step in keeping your family safer inside their own home. 

Make necessary changes to make your home less of a target for crime

There are several simple but proactive things homeowners can do to make their home less at risk of being targeted for criminal activity. Many of these things are relatively inexpensive to implement, and some require nothing more than some time on the part of the homeowner or a family member. Five of the best changes to consider making to your family's home include: 

  • removing overgrown landscaping plants, trees, or bushes that could allow someone to hide while attempting to enter your home through a window or door
  • adding bright security lighting to entryways, near garages and parking areas, and along the perimeter of the home that will activate both by switch and when motion is detected
  • installing exterior doors with higher security ratings, such as heavy, solid wood or steel models 
  • installing metal security grates on lower-level windows and making sure that all window locks are working properly
  • adding secure deadbolt-style locks to all exterior doors, along with a safety chain on the inside to help prevent doors from being pushed open 

If zoning allows, adding a large family dog to the household is another excellent way to make your home less appealing to a criminal bent upon committing a burglary or home invasion. When considering adding a dog, remember to choose a well-trained animal from a breed that will be an alert and protective family friend, yet still a loyal friend to all occupants, no matter how young or old they may be. 

Always opt for a good residential security system

Finally, if your home is not already equipped with a good residential security system, you will want to have one installed as soon as possible. When considering your options for this home security improvement, always choose a model equipped to automatically notify emergency services when a threat is detected. In addition, you should consider choosing a model that also allows you to arm, disarm, and monitor the security system from your smart phone or computer when away from your residence. 

To learn more about making proactive changes to your home that will help keep your family safer, contact a residential security systems professional in your area as soon as possible. 


26 July 2018

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