Getting Extra Use From Security Cameras


Security cameras and surveillance systems are great ways to enhance security, keep an eye on what's happening in the area, and deter many thieves. There are many features within different camera system brandings, but there are other features that may not be prominently advertised. Here are a few additional things that security cameras can do for you, both for surveillance and a bit of fun.

Get Better Quality With The Right Equipment

The basic function of security cameras is to deliver video to monitors and/or recording systems. Most modern surveillance systems can record information on optical discs (CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs) or storage drives (hard drives or solid state drives/SSDs), but what kind of quality are you getting?

You don't have to deal with black and white photos or grainy images anymore. Camera technology has expanded to the point of high definition video recorders being cheaper than a big pizza, and it's the additional features that you're really paying for. If you want high quality video, pair the camera and surveillance system.

High quality means larger recorded files. Thankfully, storage drives for recording systems are cheap whether you're working with the pre-installed storage drives or buying a higher capacity drive on your own. It's important to check your surveillance system manual, but most drives can be slid into place and closed off for basic installation -- possibly with some formatting or other preparation beforehand.

With a high quality camera and robust storage, you can zoom in on more details without the image becoming digitized or grainy to the point of no recognition. The quality of the video is easier on the eyes, and has more benefits than just identifying a crime.

Video Entertainment And Background Noise

There are many camera systems in the world that share relaxing, fun, or otherwise entertaining images and videos for the public to see. These cameras are connected to the internet via many different services, ranging from well-know video sites such as YouTube and Ustream to the more specialized sites such as Earthcam and Livestream.

Video delivery can be public, or it can be set as a private stream for you or a select group of people with the right credentials to view. Private options are helpful if you want to check up on home while on the road, at work, or on vacation.

If you choose public viewing, keep in mind that security features can work both for and against you. It could allow a thief to study the surroundings, which may or may not be a significant advantage. For your own safety and privacy, try not to have any cameras pointing into private parts of a home or sensitive business areas when allowing permanent, public viewing.

Contact a security cameras and surveillance system professional, like those at HSI Security, for high definition camera suggestions, surveillance system features, and ways to connect your surveillance to other systems.


22 February 2017

Everything You Need To Know About Security Systems

After my new house was built, I wanted to install a security system. Since there are so many different kinds with various options available, I thoroughly researched each kind before making my decision. I think that home security is important, so I wanted to share my findings with others. My name is Jennifer Whitmore, and as you read my blog, you'll learn about monitoring system options including broadband and cellular. I'll also tell you about security system features such as glass break sensors, heat sensors, remote access and carbon monoxide detection. If you want to know what goes on inside and outside your home, you'll want to read what I have to say about video surveillance cameras. I feel very safe in my home since I've had my security system installed and I hope the information in my blog will help you find a security system that's right for you.