2 Amazing Additional Features Of Home Security Alarm Systems


Today's home security alarm systems not only have incredible technology that allows them to protect your home like never before, but they also provide extra features that can also be used to protect your home and make things as simple as possible for you. This article will discuss 2 amazing additional features that come with many home security alarm systems

Temperature And Water Sensors

With added temperature and water sensors, home security alarm systems can protect your home from much more than just burglars. The temperature sensors will be located throughout your home and will be able to detect when your home gets cold enough to cause damage to your plumbing. Because the system knows at what temperature this happens, it will warn you before it reaches this point so that you can increase the heat in your home. The water sensors are going to be located in your basement and are going to be able to warn you if there is any basement flooding. This can save you thousands of dollars of damage because you can stop the leak as soon as it starts, rather than having you discover hours or days later when a great deal of damage has already taken place. 

Remote Access 

Another additional feature that comes along with some home security alarm systems is the ability that you have to control different aspects of the system from remote locations. You will be able to change the temperature in your home even when you aren't home. This is great for saving money when you forget to turn your heat down or turn your air conditioner off before leaving the house. It is also an important part of preventing your pipes from freezing and cracking, which compliments the alarm that warns you when your home is too cold. You are also going to be able to lock your doors and windows from a remote location, if you forgot to lock them before you left the house. If you have someone who is coming over to your home and needs to get in, then you can also disable the alarm while they are there and enable it once again after they have left. Being able to control all of these different aspects of your home's security system, even when you aren't home, makes protecting and caring for your home so much easier for you and also helps to give you more peace of mind. 


25 October 2016

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