4 Different Options When Looking For A Camera System To Add Security To Your Home


Home security has changed a lot in recent years, and it is more affordable than ever to add surveillance to your home. Adding cameras can be a good way to deter criminals and have video evidence when something does happen on your property. There are also many different choices for cameras that can be connected to your home security system. Some of the choices that you may want to consider to give your home security surveillance are:

1. Simple IP Webcams That Can Be Connected To Your Home Network

One of the simplest solutions you can do to add a security system to your home is use IP web cameras. There are many available today, which can be used for anything from baby monitors to web-based security cameras. Most feature mobile software for viewing from your phone or tablet, as well as alarm connections for features like motion detection and automated recording. You may also want to get one that has PTZ features, which allow you to move the camera around for different views.

2. IP Camera Systems With A DVR That Is Connected To A Network

IP cameras are a type of security camera that connect to your home network through an Ethernet cable. This can give you many advantages, such as being able to easily setup access on a home network for access with any device that has internet access. They can also give you the option to use POE switches, which will allow you to use one cable for power and for data transfer.

3. Analog Camera Systems That Use AV Wiring And Power Supply

Analog cameras are more of a traditional type of system, which require AV wires and a low-voltage power supply. These can give you some advantages over the newer digital systems, such as being able to integrate existing cameras into a new system. These systems can also be more affordable, which may be a good choice for your first surveillance system if you are just trying them.

4. Hybrid Camera Systems That Can Allow You Do Use Different Types Of Cameras

The best solution for a new camera system is a hybrid system that can allow you to use both digital and analog cameras. These systems will give you the benefit of both systems and allow you to easily expand your camera system. It will also give you the option to install some of the latest high definition cameras for better video quality that can allow you to easily identify people and objects in your surveillance videos.

Choosing the right camera system for your home can be a difficult choice, so you may want to have a hybrid system that gives you the option of old and new technology, as well as a price range that fits your budget. A security system installation service, such as Security By Private Eyes, can help you find the right system for your home.


19 April 2016

Everything You Need To Know About Security Systems

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