New Technologies That Can Extinguish Car Fires In Under A Minute


The problem with fires is that they spread quickly and cause a lot of damage for every second that they're allowed to continue without being extinguished. Due to the particular danger that fires pose in cars because of the gasoline tanks, speed is even more important in this situation. If you're looking for ways to put out fires in cars as quickly as possible as part of your job in a field like security or the fire department, there are some new technologies out there that can put out fires faster than you might imagine possible.

High-Mobility Fire Apparatus Inspired by Rockets

One method for fighting fires very quickly comes from a company that develops rockets for NASA. But instead of spewing out a lot of fire, this technology can completely extinguish a raging car fire in under 18 seconds.

The gadget is called the UHP, or "Ultra High Pressure" fire apparatus. Instead of shooting out a traditional high-pressure stream of water, this device fires a tornado of tiny water droplets. The idea behind this approach is expanding the surface area that the droplets can hit by 4 times over a traditional fire hose.

This makes this fire hose far more efficient than its forebears. It can shoot out 20 gallons of water per minute at a rate of 1400 pounds per square inch. It took a little over 17 seconds to put out a fire that took a standard fire hose nearly 2 minutes to extinguish on its own.

New Fire Grenades

Another approach that might seem counter-intuitive for putting out car fires is something called a fire grenade. These are basically fire extinguishers that you can throw. Their portability makes them ideal for dealing with fires such as in automobiles.

These fire grenades are also designed to work in close quarters as well. The device can take a fire burning at 1000 degrees and bring it down to 300 degrees in under 10 seconds. These devices coupled with other approaches like traditional fire hoses can douse flames in cars in no time flat.

There are various types of chemicals used in fire grenades, but one popular chemical is potassium carbonate, since this is a flame suppressant that cuts off the fire's chemical process.

Anyone interested in faster fire suppression from police officers to firefighters to security teams in commercial buildings will appreciate these new technologies. Some of them require some training for teams to learn how to use.

But overall, the added difficulty of obtaining the technologies will be well worth the results of car fires that can be extinguished in under half a minute. 


19 March 2015

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