Home Security Isn't All About Catching Burglars – Four Other Practical Reasons To Get A Home Security System


You might think that installing a home security system is something only those that are fearful of break-ins. If you live in a safe neighborhood or aren't too concerned with home invasion or theft, you might not think that you are in need of a home security system. The thing is, security systems can offer an array of other features that might be beneficial for your home. Here are four practical reasons that might make you rethink your reluctance to install a security system.

1. Lower Your Insurance Costs

Just because you aren't concerned with theft or burglary doesn't mean that your insurance isn't. Insurance companies might offer a discount if you sign on with a security system and company. Having this set up will lower your insurance and you might end up saving money in the long run.

2. Run Your Home More Efficiently

With new wireless technology, there's an array of energy related items in your home that you can manage while you are away. Heat, air conditioning and lighting can all be managed remotely and augmented as necessary. If you or a family member left something on in the house, you can easily turn this off after-the-fact and save energy while you are away.

3. Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detection

Home security systems can be set up to catch an array of different issues in your home. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can be installed separately, but if these are included in a home security system they will be updated and will never run out of batteries. These will be linked into a system that can send help right away, rather than an alarm that won't do any good if you aren't home to hear it.

4. Medical Emergencies

Being able to immediately hit a button to send help for medical emergencies can be a lifesaver. If you or a family member has a medical emergency, you can contact help through your security system. If you have older individuals in your home or others that might be in need of emergency care, having a security system can keep calling for help at your fingertips.

Advances in technology have made security systems do much more than just sound alarms and provide surveillance. There are plenty of other practical reasons installing a home security system (from outlets such as American Wireless Alarm Inc) can upgrade your home and make your life easier. The benefits of a modern security system make it worthwhile even if you aren't worried about break-ins.


12 March 2015

Everything You Need To Know About Security Systems

After my new house was built, I wanted to install a security system. Since there are so many different kinds with various options available, I thoroughly researched each kind before making my decision. I think that home security is important, so I wanted to share my findings with others. My name is Jennifer Whitmore, and as you read my blog, you'll learn about monitoring system options including broadband and cellular. I'll also tell you about security system features such as glass break sensors, heat sensors, remote access and carbon monoxide detection. If you want to know what goes on inside and outside your home, you'll want to read what I have to say about video surveillance cameras. I feel very safe in my home since I've had my security system installed and I hope the information in my blog will help you find a security system that's right for you.